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Maryland Gold Star Legacy Run, June 7-9, 2019. Registration Now Open.
Gold Star Legacy Run

On Friday June 7, 2019, Riders from across Maryland will be departing on a 600 mile, three day ride around the state of Maryland to raise funds and bring awareness to the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Foundation. This scholarship fund provides help to children of soldiers killed since 9/11 and children of 50% or greater combat disabled veterans.

The Maryland Gold Star Legacy Run will have stops in six districts including Mountain District, Northern Central District, North Eastern Shore District, South Eastern Shore District, Southern Maryland District and Western Maryland District. We are also planning on a stop at the Gold Star Families Memorial on Friday June 7th, Naonal 9/11 Pentagon Memorial on Saturday June 8th, and the Rocky Gap VA Cemetery on Sunday June 9th.

To make this Run successful, we are asking for your support in one or more ways:

Our goal for this year is to #1) start and finish safe, #2) bring awareness to this important charity and finally, #3) if possible, to raise $50,000.00 for the Legacy Scholarship Foundaon. If at least the first two on this list of three come true, then we will have been successful. As the saying goes “two out of three ain’t bad”.

Enclosed find a sheet that can be completed to make a pledge of a donation, make a sponsorship of the Run or sign up as a par&cipant of the Run, or all three. We are asking that you make copies of this le)er and sheet and distribute them out to the other parts of your American Legion Family. For more information, please go to:

I am happy to report that last year’s Maryland Gold Star Legacy Run raised $45,000.00 and had 97 registered parcipants, of which over 35 motorcycles completed the entire Run. We are hoping that this year’s Run will be even bigger and better. All funds raised from this Run will be presented to the Department of Maryland at the State Convenon in July in Ocean City and will also be presented at the National Convenon in Indianapolis, IN in August 2019. Help us make Maryland proud and be a part, in anyway you can, when members from across this state came together to ride as one in support of this noble cause.


"For God and Country"


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